Twitch live stream

We will once again be streaming two days of fun, fuzz and merriment on Twitch!

Our events schedule is now live! Check it out on Twitch!

Join us on Twitch from Friday 12th to Sunday 14th November!

VRChat world

Our VRChat world, Costa del Furc Pool Party is now live!


We're so pleased to welcome you to our beautiful 2021 VRChat Resort. Come enjoy a natural wonderland, to which we've added the finest resort facilities, complete with a luxury pool and a spectacular beach.

Sun, sea and beach parties await you at Costa Del Furc...

Visit our VRChat world, Costa del Furc is now live!

Minecraft world

To join our Minecraft world, connect to Our server is compatible with both Bedrock and Java, but we recommend Java.


  • All of Furcation’s previous caravan parks lovingly recreated in Minecraft worlds for you to explore
  • A virtual Dealer’s Den
  • A Games area featuring social games & challenges
  • Fun spaces to explore, pools, bars, slot machines
  • An in-game currency & trading system allowing you to obtain unique & rare items
  • Creative world with unlimited building potential
  • Full survival world with PvP, create hidden bases, perform raids, accumulate wealth
  • Quick in / out access to survival world so you don’t have to travel 1000’s of blocks to return to hub
  • In game support ticket system
  • Social spaces to explore, hang out and chat

If you need any help, our mod team will be available in-game, and in the Minecraft channel on our Discord server.

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