About Furcation

Furcation is a UK based furry convention. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent space for furries from all walks of life to come together and enjoy three days of fun, sun*, and relaxation. Taking place in a holiday park in coastal South-West England (but 'close to the beach' sounds way better), we try to keep things pretty chill. We run an event track, but we encourage our attendees to make the weekend their own. That means hosting events in your caravan with your friends, exploring the local area, or taking some time to unwind around the pool.

Unlike other conventions, where you and a roommate book a hotel room, Furcation gives you a whole caravan/chalet for you and your friends, featuring full kitchens, bedrooms and more, on a sliding scale of size and cost.

The first Furcation was in 2016, but the roots go further back than this.

Based on an idea to run a furry weekend in a holiday park, and taken from the back of the popular event 'Frantic Eufuria', work began to bring 'a new breed of furry event' to the fandom. Plans started to be drawn up in 2015, where Furcation was going to take place at Warren's Holiday Village in Clevedon. Contracts were signed, social media was buzzing with the concept of a new event hitting British shores. However, Warrens pulled the plug four months before the event was due to take place, so Furcation 2015 did not go ahead.

Undeterred, the staff hunted for another host for Furcation, and John Fowler Holidays came to the rescue. A lot of discussions, sleepless nights and gallons of coffee/tea/caffeinated beverage of choice, and Furcation 2016 planning got under way!

(*) Sun not guaranteed, but we still hope for it!

Furcation 2016

Furcation 2016

Furcation 2016 took place on the 14th - 16th October 2016. It was held at John Fowler's Combe Martin Beach Holiday Park in the small, quiet town of Combe Martin. We had 92 arttendees, of which 48 were sponsors. We also raised £530 for our chosen charity for that year, Secret World Animal Sanctuary.

Furcation was entering a territory of unknowns, however the event went down a blast. It even had the staff of John Fowlers Holidays wanting to come to the park to see what was going on. Furcation's theme for 2016 was semi-chosen after the event, as we were going for the typical holiday park vibe, that is what we dubbed the theme for year one.

Furcation 2016 attracted 90 attendees, 48 of whom opted to Sponsor.

Furcation 2017 - The Pirates of Combe Martin

Furcation 2017

Furcation 2017 took place on the 13th - 15th October 2017. It was held for a second year at John Fowler's Combe Martin Beach Holiday Park. We had 217 attendees, of which 116 were sponsors. We raised £2037 for our chosen charity for that year, which was the UK Wolf Conservation Trust.

Furcation started to theme their events this year, and this was 'Pirates of Combe Martin', which will be forever etched in the minds as the year of the flashing pirate swords and the time somebody turned their car into a pirate ship!

Furcation 2017 attracted 213 attendees, an increase of 123 (or almost 135%) on our 2016 attendance total.

Furcation 2018 - Paw and Order : Here comes the Fuzz

Furcation 2018

Furcation 2018 took place on the 12th - 14th October 2018. It was held at a new site for us, John Fowler's Sandaway Beach holiday park, just down the road from our old venue. We had 341 attendees, of which 173 were sponsors. We raised £1677.20 for our chosen charity for that year, which was Pete's Dragons, a charity to aid suicide prevention.

The theme for 2018 was Paw and Order : Here Comes The Fuzz, a chance for attendees to decide whether they wanted to be on the side of good, or evil. There was even a fully working police vehicle on show, though don't remind the staff about the marquee.

Furcation 2018 attracted 341 attendees, 173 of whom opted to sponsor. This is an increase of almost 58% on our 2017 attendance.

Furcation 2019 - FC:TV Live

Furcation 2019

Furcation 2019 took place between the 8th and 11th of November 2019. It was once more held at a new site for us: John Fowler's flagship, the Sandy Glade Holiday Park in Brean, near Burnham-On-Sea. Our theme was "FC:TV Live", a theme based on Saturday morning children's TV.

Furcation 2019 attracted 592 addendees, 207 of whom opted to sponsor. This is an almost 74% increase on our 2018 attendance.

Furcation 2020 - Rerun the Fun!

Furcation 2019

Unfortunately the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak prevented us from running an in-person Furcation 2020, but we just couldn't leave you all bored at home without a Furcation!

Furcation Online 2020 "Rerun the Fun" was our first online-only event, and took place between the 6th and 9th of November 2020. Most of our events were live-streamed on Twitch and Youtube, with our Discord server and Telegram channels being used to provide a social space and Dealer's Den.

Furcation 2020 ended with 208 people joining our brand-new Discord server, alongside around 360 in our existing Telegram group. Our Twitch streams attracted a peak of almost 120 viewers during the weekend.

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