Dealers' Den

Dealers Den applications now open!

To apply for the Furcation 2021 Dealers Den, please fill out the dealers' application form.

If you were a dealer at Furcation 2020, you do not need to re-apply. Your Dealer's Den channels have been carried over from last year, and you can continue using them. Please make sure to email our Dealers' Den team your advertising materials and a description of the items you will be selling this year.

Dealers' Hour livestream event

We want to advertise all our dealers during the live-streamed Dealer's Hour -- and we'd like to completely fill that hour if we can!

Please email our Dealers' Den team with your advertising materials -- we'd especially like video submissions.

We'd like to bring some of our dealers onto the live stream to talk about their work and what they're selling. If you'd like to join in, please email our Dealers' Den team. You'll need a microphone for this -- and a webcam if you'd like to join on video.


  • Items of an illegal nature are not permitted to be sold at any time. Any items which are to be found not conforming to this will have the items and the seller removed from the event and the police will be informed.
  • Alcohol or tobacco products are not allowed to be sold due to licensing restrictions.
  • Any items deemed to be of an adult nature must be kept in the Dealers Den section of the Discord server. We have placed markers on the channel warning everybody that the channel displays NSFW content. This is a requirement of the Discord Community Guidelines.

How it works

As with every year at Furcation, we put the call out for dealers to be showcased. However, due to having a virtual convention this year, the way we are going to advertise it and show off dealers is slightly different... Okay, it's very different!

During the stream, we will be letting everybody know what our dealers are selling. Some of our artists are also being showcased in our digital conbook, which is downloadable from the main page.

If you want to talk to one of our dealers, you can do so via the 'Dealers Den' section of our Discord server. We will also be adding a list of dealers to our website, once it has been confirmed.

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