The Legal Stuff

Policies and procedures

Here is where you can find all the legal documentation of Furcation 2021, such as our privacy policy and the code of conduct.

These documents are the finalised version as of publishing and will not be changed before the event, therefore the definitive versions will always be available here.

  • Privacy Policy
  • The rules for our Discord and Telegram groups are displayed clearly in the respective groups:
    • Telegram: in a pinned message, tagged "#rules"
    • Discord: in the "#rules" channel

If you have any questions about our policies, please contact us:

  • Privacy policy questions:
  • Discord or Telegram questions: please contact one of the moderators of the server or group. These are clearly listed in pinned messages and the user list.

Copyright notice

This website and its contents are © 2016-2021 Furcation Ltd.

Furcation Ltd is a private company limited by guarantee, registered with Companies House. Registered company number 10226988. Furcation is a 'not for profit' organisation.

Frankie and Clive Ferret and the Furcation logo are © to Furcation Ltd., and should not be reproduced.

If you wish to create artwork featuring our mascots or logo, please contact beforehand.

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